Sweet video doc compilation of Caleidoscoop, the first Dutch Pavilion this past December in Wynwood.  Whoop.

Very Nice interview from Complex TV about Haas and Hahn’s participation in the 2013 Caleidoscoop project.  

Very nice Caleidoscoop recap on 12OZprophet  .  

Really nice post about Caleidoscoop on Arrested Motion today

Really nice post about Caleidoscoop on Arrested Motion today

Caleidoscoop 2013 was amazing.  Special thanks to all of the participating artists .  Special thanks also to Made Creative, Catapult 13, and 250 Wynwood for making it all possible.  Above all, the project would not be possible without the support of the Consulate General of the Netherlands as part of the Dutch Culture USA program. Big Ups!


Ambar Surastri just shared an Instagram photo with you.

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Chrisitina Angelina and Fin Dac join up again to add their half and half combo brand of portrait making to the Caleidoscoop space. Sick with it.

Back to Rio by Haas&Hahn

After a two year project in North Philadelphia it was time for Haas&Hahn to return to Rio. Executing their original dream they had 8 years ago: paint an entire hill side in de comunidade of Vila Cruzeiro together with the local residents. Creating jobs and to paint the largest community artwork of all time. In October 2013 Haas&Hahn managed to get over $100,000,- of funding via Kickstarter and received support from over 1700 backers world wide to start this project. The exhibition in the Dutch Pavilion will show studies of the fourth Favela Painting project: Back to Rio, which will be executed in April 2014.

Torino based OG graf and character maker Galo will be joining up with his strange faces at Caleidoscoop.  

Ryan The Wheelbarrow - Screen printing fashion vandal will be at the opening of Caleidoscoop doing live screen printing on whatever clothing you’ve got on that you want printing on. :)